Michelle showing Packers pride

Hello! My name is Michelle, a.k.a. the Giddy Stitcher.

So first thing's first: why "giddy"? Well, this site started off in 2013 as a blog about learning to knit, with all the idealistic beginner enthusiasm that suggests. Crochet and cross-stitch soon followed, and before you could say "railroad your stitches" I was surrounded by floss and yarn, and publishing patterns in books and magazines.

Over the intervening years, while all three crafts remain regular downtime activities, cross-stitch patterns stood out as the most fun to make. And what's the point if you're not having fun, right?

Most of my patterns are small, because I remember how overwhelming a big project can be to a beginner and the quick gratification of a small project does wonders for crafting self-confidence.

Cross-stitch has helped me to unwind, to strike up conversations with interesting strangers, to deal with stress and anxiety, and of course to make some beautiful pieces. I can only hope that my patterns help someone else to do the same.