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Souvenir yarn porn

” Let’s visit a yarn shop in every city we go to”, I said. “It’ll be fun!”, I said. “We’ll see.” replied the Boyfriend. And then rolled his eyes. Ok so we didn’t go...


Monday morning yarn porn

It’s been said that I am very easily pleased, and that’s probably true, but even so the last couple of weeks have been awesome. First my pattern release, which went amazingly well and sold...

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I remember the day, around two weeks after I started learning to knit, when my first “big” yarn delivery arrived. There were about 8 tiny balls of cotton yarn in there, and along with the 3 big chunky acrylic balls already bought for my first project I proudly put them all on a shelf and marveled at my massive stash. Oh, how naive.


It’s official, yarn has taken over my house

Last time I assessed the size of my stash, the stash was it. I hadn’t invested in many other knitting-related supplies and the yarn I had basically all fit into one big sack. Oh how I yearn for those days (sort of).


Warning, gratuitious yarn pics ahead

Today I decided to lay out my current yarn stash and see what’s what. I had some new purchases to add, due to needing one extra skein of something (£2.29) and then deciding I “might as well” make the order up to £25 to qualify for free delivery. Logic in action, there.


Stash update: Not quite big enough to roll around in

Another yarn order arrived today, and there was much rejoicing. I’ve officially run out of allocated space for all this stuff and will need to reorganise a bit when time allows, but in the meantime my dream of having a stash big enough to dive into Scrooge McDuck-style is one step closer to reality.