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FO Friday: My wedding bolero

I had the best of intentions with this project, but must admit time got a bit tight towards the end. As a result it’s more of a shrug than a bolero, but it did the job and may have literally saved me from freezing to death at the wedding reception so it was well worth it.


Getting mail is like getting presents

Yay! New stuff! It’s always fun to get a package in the mail, but even more fun when it’s full of knitting things. This order arrived incomplete without one of the needles I’d paid for, but that will get sorted out and in the meantime I have everything I need to get started on the wedding bolero experiment.


Wedding bolero experiment

So a few weeks ago I bought a dress to wear to a wedding, and decided to knit some sort of shawl or shrug to go over it. Then I got distracted. Now there’s less than two weeks to go until said wedding, and it’s time to panic!