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I remember the day, around two weeks after I started learning to knit, when my first “big” yarn delivery arrived. There were about 8 tiny balls of cotton yarn in there, and along with the 3 big chunky acrylic balls already bought for my first project I proudly put them all on a shelf and marveled at my massive stash. Oh, how naive.


It’s official, yarn has taken over my house

Last time I assessed the size of my stash, the stash was it. I hadn’t invested in many other knitting-related supplies and the yarn I had basically all fit into one big sack. Oh how I yearn for those days (sort of).

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I’ve been counting down the days for nearly 6 weeks, but finally Moving Day arrived. My knitting obsession and impressive collection of pyjamas (and myself, but I take up less space) are now official members of the boyfriend’s household. Poor guy had no idea I’d be taking up knitting when he invited me to move in, but that’s just the chance you take in a relationship!