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Embarrassing knitting confession time

When I first started to learn knitting, I somehow became confused by a diagram and started doing all of my knit stitches through the back loop. For the first few weeks, as a result, I found purling to be much easier than knitting and assumed everyone who said the opposite must be mental.

My first adult sized knitted garment was knitted to the pattern, despite my gauge being 1st per inch out. I thought that wasn’t enough to make much of a difference to the finished size. It was.

I once steam blocked a partly acrylic scarf that I’d worked furiously to get finished on time, but did it wrong and ended up with unrecoverable scalloped edges and all that work went to waste.

Oh, and I haven’t updated my knitting blog since October. Sorry.


WIP Wednesday: Crafting all the things

Greetings! It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m sure to be forgiven when you realise I’ve been off gallivanting around here for my first proper holiday in 14 years. Garmisch-Partenkirchen in...


WIP Wednesday: This week is for relaxing

After the tortuous effort of knitting those socks (still need to bind off, gah) plus finishing off the Tom Baker scarf (pics on Friday!) I have to admit June left me a bit flustered. While there are two major projects to finish up in July and now also the gift knitter project I posted about yesterday, I decided to have a break for a few days and knit something small and enjoyable to unwind. Enter Kindle Death.