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WIP Wednesday: A little something for myself

Yesterday we got back from my dream holiday to Iceland, and it completely lived up to the hype. I would be sharing photos of the awesomeness, but am sadly typing this with one hand while using the other to press a cold wet tea towel against my head in an effort to prevent it from exploding. Airplane headache is a thing, apparently. Maybe some photos will happen on Friday, if you’re good, but today’s post will need to be short.

Anyway, since Boyfriend’s DNA Scarf was his holiday treat, I’m officially free to be getting on with something else now, and I’ve chosen the Gemini Top.


Embarrassing knitting confession time

When I first started to learn knitting, I somehow became confused by a diagram and started doing all of my knit stitches through the back loop. For the first few weeks, as a result, I found purling to be much easier than knitting and assumed everyone who said the opposite must be mental.

My first adult sized knitted garment was knitted to the pattern, despite my gauge being 1st per inch out. I thought that wasn’t enough to make much of a difference to the finished size. It was.

I once steam blocked a partly acrylic scarf that I’d worked furiously to get finished on time, but did it wrong and ended up with unrecoverable scalloped edges and all that work went to waste.

Oh, and I haven’t updated my knitting blog since October. Sorry.


Going overboard

A new month means new class prompts for the HPKCHC, a lot of which fit in with projects I’d like to knit. As well as regular classes there’s also Dentention, in which we get to complete an existing WIP and still turn it in for points. On top of that, the New Knitters group is doing socks for this month’s KAL and I really want to join in with that. No doubt I can think of a way to fit the socks into a class prompt for the house cup, too.