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Watch Full Movie Online And Download Personal Shopper (2016)

You know that feeling we get on a Friday? That “yay I can get drunk tonight without it being obvious in a morning meeting and then spend the next two days in pyjamas” feeling? Close your eyes and imagine that feeling now. As far as you’re concerned it’s Friday, and the Monday morning you’ve just endured was nothing more than a bad dream. Ok, we’re set, I’m forgiven for being too ill to blog for a week. FO Friday it is!


WIP Wednesday: Mega shawl action

I had this plan. The plan was to make my first shawl, because shawls look really fun to knit, but also to make a smallish version of it that could be worn like a cute little scarf with no oversized dangling corners to get trapped on door handles or whatever. This plan worked surprisingly well.


Watch The Circle (2017) Episodes Watch Online

It’s the first day of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, my first time participating (obviously, on such a new blog), and I’m more excited than anyone should really be to write a post every day for seven days straight. Day 1 is all about the house cup, and for me (plus many other bloggers by the sound of it) choosing a house posed a bit of a dilemma.