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Pretty crocheted washcloths 0

Some crochet for a change

Looking down the homepage of this blog, it’s all been knitting (and mostly been the same socks) for a while. Time to change it up! On our recent USA road trip, I took far...


Adventures in proper designing

You know how it is. It’s a week before you go on your dream holiday of all time, work is crazy, you have two feet of scarf left to knit in a slow-moving DNA cable pattern, so you decide to answer your very first call for submissions with a deadline of 4 days time.


FO Friday: Unintentionally rude monkey

Yay, FO Friday! I haven’t done one of these in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages! And now, for my first FO Friday of this year, I hereby cheat and show you something finished a month and a half ago. Blogging is hard, take what you’re given.