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It’s official, yarn has taken over my house

Last time I assessed the size of my stash, the stash was it. I hadn’t invested in many other knitting-related supplies and the yarn I had basically all fit into one big sack. Oh how I yearn for those days (sort of).


Warning, gratuitious yarn pics ahead

Today I decided to lay out my current yarn stash and see what’s what. I had some new purchases to add, due to needing one extra skein of something (£2.29) and then deciding I “might as well” make the order up to £25 to qualify for free delivery. Logic in action, there.

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Today’s Knitting and Crochet week blog prompt is to post an infographic of some kind. It can be quick and simple, and doesn’t even need to be accurate, but you may be unsurprised to know that I thought Bah! at both of those things. Without further preamble I present to you my totally accurate infographic for the day. Yay maths and drawing!


Stash update: Not quite big enough to roll around in

Another yarn order arrived today, and there was much rejoicing. I’ve officially run out of allocated space for all this stuff and will need to reorganise a bit when time allows, but in the meantime my dream of having a stash big enough to dive into Scrooge McDuck-style is one step closer to reality.