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Souvenir yarn porn

” Let’s visit a yarn shop in every city we go to”, I said. “It’ll be fun!”, I said. “We’ll see.” replied the Boyfriend. And then rolled his eyes. Ok so we didn’t go...


Monday morning yarn porn

It’s been said that I am very easily pleased, and that’s probably true, but even so the last couple of weeks have been awesome. First my pattern release, which went amazingly well and sold...


5KCBWDAY4: The plot thickens

Today’s Knitting & Crochet Blog Week prompt is something about craft tools, and probably intended to be totally sensible. Instead, I’m using it as an excuse to recruit a helper in the ongoing saga...

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I remember the day, around two weeks after I started learning to knit, when my first “big” yarn delivery arrived. There were about 8 tiny balls of cotton yarn in there, and along with the 3 big chunky acrylic balls already bought for my first project I proudly put them all on a shelf and marveled at my massive stash. Oh, how naive.