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Monday morning yarn porn

It’s been said that I am very easily pleased, and that’s probably true, but even so the last couple of weeks have been awesome. First my pattern release, which went amazingly well and sold...


Going overboard

A new month means new class prompts for the HPKCHC, a lot of which fit in with projects I’d like to knit. As well as regular classes there’s also Dentention, in which we get to complete an existing WIP and still turn it in for points. On top of that, the New Knitters group is doing socks for this month’s KAL and I really want to join in with that. No doubt I can think of a way to fit the socks into a class prompt for the house cup, too.


Wedding bolero experiment

So a few weeks ago I bought a dress to wear to a wedding, and decided to knit some sort of shawl or shrug to go over it. Then I got distracted. Now there’s less than two weeks to go until said wedding, and it’s time to panic!