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WIP Wednesday: Much-needed Spring cleaning

For the last few months I’ve been quiet on Ravelry. As part of the whole “omg I failed to knit Christmas jumpers and am the worst knitter ever” episode, showing my face on a site full of people with exciting and lovely projects seemed like salt in the wound. Then last weekend I found myself singing Ravelry’s praises to a couple of uninitiated knitters, and realised I quite miss it. Looking over my profile, it’s clear that it’s been slipping somewhat. Queued items I don’t even like, never mind intend to knit, projects marked as work in progress that were completed months ago, it’s basically a total clip. Not for long!


Embarrassing knitting confession time

When I first started to learn knitting, I somehow became confused by a diagram and started doing all of my knit stitches through the back loop. For the first few weeks, as a result, I found purling to be much easier than knitting and assumed everyone who said the opposite must be mental.

My first adult sized knitted garment was knitted to the pattern, despite my gauge being 1st per inch out. I thought that wasn’t enough to make much of a difference to the finished size. It was.

I once steam blocked a partly acrylic scarf that I’d worked furiously to get finished on time, but did it wrong and ended up with unrecoverable scalloped edges and all that work went to waste.

Oh, and I haven’t updated my knitting blog since October. Sorry.


“Things are getting done” celebratory giveaway!

This morning I was looking at my Ravelry wish list and wishing I could afford to buy everything on there, print out all the patterns, add them to my pile of knitting patterns on the floor and roll around in them. While I can’t afford to do that, I’ve decided to get one lucky winner a step closer to that dream with a celebratory giveaway.