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Streaming Full Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

This week, as you know, I’ve been very much into finishing off old projects and clearing up my Ravelry profile. Some of those poor hibernating projects have been sitting patiently for almost a year waiting for their turn in the spotlight, with hardly a word of complaint, so it’s about time they got some love.

The first project to finish seemed obvious. Last year I was an active member of the New Knitters group on Ravelry and learned a lot from asking silly newb questions there. We also did monthly KALs, it would be neckwear one month and hats another and one fateful month it was . . . socks.


Ogre bookmark – free crochet pattern

I’ve recently discovered crochet and am completely overexcited about how quickly I can use it to make fun things. One of those fun things was a Shrek-inspired ogre hat (more details on that soon), which then prompted me to make a matching bookmark with some of the leftover yarn. I’m no expert, in fact I only just started to learn crochet, so this won’t be the most perfect pattern in the world. I’ll update this post over time as I slowly get a clue.

Knitting the Tom Baker scarf 3

FO Friday: Tom scarf for Tom

Ok so I meant to post this last FO Friday, but completely forgot. Because I’m a professional blogger that way.

I have this friend called Tom, he’s one of my best friends and so when he asked me in April to knit him a Tom Baker scarf I of course agreed. In return for yarn money of course, I’m not made of pennies you know!