My name is Michelle, and I am obsessed with knitting and crochet.  This blog has seen me grow from a newbie knitter, to a newbie crocheter, to an adventurous intermediate who kept underestimating how complicated things would be, to a confident pattern designer. In “real life” I’m lucky enough to be living with a guy who tolerates, if not exactly enjoys, my extensive yarn habit and together we play a lot of video games and watch a lot of Project Runway. One day I’d love for us to move into a house with land enough for a couple of goats, but what knitter doesn’t dream of that?

You can find me on Ravelry, of course:

Profile: Shellbot
Patterns: Michelle May
Group: Giddy Knitters

If for some reason you don’t use Ravelry (what?!) I’ve also recently started an Etsy shop for my patterns: GiddyKnitAndCrochet

My Designer Manifesto

  • I will never use yarns that are difficult to substitute
  • Anyone with enough enthusiasm should be able to complete my patterns, questions will always be welcomed from beginners
  • I will do my best to answer all pre-sales and support questions quickly and in a friendly way
  • My designs will use a range of colours and not just stick to my favourites!
  • I will create designs for both knitting and crochet, because they both deserve love
  • I will continue to investigate funky geometric patterns, because geometric stuff is awesome
  • I will always continue to research and learn about pattern writing, techniques, and the best way to communicate my ideas
  • Those who cannot afford to buy patterns should still have a chance to enjoy them, so I will run regular contests and giveaways with patterns as prizes
  • I promise not to just become obsessed with designing cowls