Some crochet for a change

Looking down the homepage of this blog, it’s all been knitting (and mostly been the same socks) for a while. Time to change it up!

On our recent USA road trip, I took far too much yarn. Most of it didn’t end up being used for anything, but the various colours of cotton did. Needing something simple that wouldn’t distract from enjoying the view and nattering to the Boyfriend while he drove for 5200 miles, I decided to join the seemingly endless ranks of crocheters who swear by handmade washcloths.

I crocheted on the flight to Chicago.


I crocheted in the car.

This may or may not have been taken somewhere in Colorado

And finally, this was the result. Tada!

They’re surprisingly awesome!

My crafting time has been limited the last few weeks while I got my daily schedule and general priorities sorted out. It’s shocking really how much time I’ll spend on pointless things and 外汇交易入门 then get to the end of the week and panic. But no more! At least in theory. My second FO this week is this confusing spreadsheet that will make no sense to anyone but me. Pretty though, isn’t it?

It makes sense to me and that’s all that matters.

The idea is that now I can control how much time I’m spending on stuff and not get carried away with one thing to the detriment of everything else. That will mean less time to spend on some stuff, but more time on others, and most importantly some sort of regular output (in terms of blogging, but in terms of everything else too).

It’s been 2 days. Let’s see how long I can stick to it.

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