Super-speedy Portland socks complete!

Ok so “speedy” only applies in the most liberal sense, but compared to my previous socks getting them done in under a month is AMAZING. I present, (‘cos we bought the yarn in Portland, remember?)

Look at that, it’s socks!

They feel lovely, they look lovely, they weren’t a massive pain to knit. Hooray! I actually made a mistake grafting the toe of the second sock (lesson learned, no grafting while also attempting to listen to a group of people talk) but you can’t see it when they’re on so I’m thinking that might just be left as it is.

Spot the mistake?

The pattern is Hermione’s Everyday Socks and I would caution absolute beginners that, despite it being massively popular, it’s a bit unclear in parts. You can 二元期权平台 generally piece together what’s supposed to happen from the comments on , however, and if you’re already familiar with how socks are constructed you’ll be fine.

That’s about all from me today as we have a busy day of festival prep to get through. Not a proper big festival, but a small tribute band festival hosted in our town. It will almost certainly have mud, at least. Cross your fingers we get a bit of sunshine!

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  1. They look great! Under a month counts as super speedy for socks in my book.

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