A very yellow Mary Jane

It’s a bit of a late entry to FO Friday for me this week, in more ways than one. Looking through my Ravelry projects page the other day, I became annoyed at how many finished items were still marked as in progress just because I hadn’t had chance to take nice photos of them yet. This happens about once every 6 months and I’ll finally take some sub-par pics just to get it over and done with, today being no exception.

Behold my very yellow, slightly shiny, Mary Jane.

Desperate times call for desperate photos, ok?

Desperate times call for desperate photos, ok?

This is a pattern that I queued almost as soon as learning to knit. Later the main photo on the pattern page was changed, and I didn’t like it quite so much, but there was all this yellow mercerized cotton lying around that I’d bought by accident and, well, it seemed like just about the only thing in my queue that would work with yellow mercerized cotton. So after buying the pattern I discovered to my horror that quite a lot of the thing needed to be knitted flat (eww purling) and also that the instructions were telling me to knit a neckline lower than my bellybutton, meaning I’d need to do some modifications, but I persevered anyway just for something to do. Apparently the neckline thing is a common issue people had with the larger sizes of this pattern. It worked out ok in the end.

Anyway. Pattern problems and accidental yarn aside . . . I LOVE IT. It’s probably my favourite garment I’ve knitted so far. This was the first time I’d picked up stitches to knit a neckline and after a bit of trial and error it’s still not 100% perfect, but I LOVE IT. Mustardy yellow with a slight shine to it is definitely not my colour, but guess what? I LOVE IT ANYWAY!

A proper look at the texture, to apologise for the blurry mess above.

A proper look at the texture, to apologise for the blurry mess above.

I’ll update this post with less blurry pics later, I promise.

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7 Responses

  1. Alicia says:

    It looks pretty great on you! I like that pattern as well but haven’t knit it yet.

    • Michelle says:

      It was a fun knit, as long as you don’t have a massive hatred of purling. The shoulders seem to give some people problems but I found that part easy. Just be prepared to modify that neckline!

  2. Gill says:

    That’s lovely! It looks good in that colour too! 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    It looks great! I always have neckline issues, don’t like low and don’t like wide. Looks like you nailed it!

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah it was definitely a case of trial and error and going with my gut rather than following the pattern, but it worked out well. If I can find my notes I’ll put them up on Rav to help others . . . now where did they go?

  4. That is fantastic! Well done.

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