His ‘n’ hers vanilla socks – only two years late!

In early 2013, when I first got into knitting, one thing I didn’t quite understand was this tendency to knit socks. As a person who prefers to be barefoot whenever it’s appropriate (and sometimes when it’s not) socks seem to be like more an unnecessary social convention than a thing to celebrate and love.

Of course, I decided to knit some for Boyfriend anyway just to see what all the fuss was about, and after choosing my pattern and yarn Boyfriend piped up with a desire to have matching pairs so we decided to make some for me too. Four tiny socks? Yeah, I can knit that no problem.

His and hers sock yarn. Bless.

Well I’m here to tell you, other newish knitters who might be tempted to join the cult of sock knitters, those things take a lot longer to knit than you might expect. Socks are pretty tiny, yes, but 炒外汇入门 so are sock yarns and the stitches you make with them. It took me over a month of fairly solid knitting to almost finish my own pair, to await binding off. Where they remained for approximately 8 months.

Suddenly in Spring 2014, inspired by a Spring Cleaning KAL hosted by Ness from , the unfinished socks once more saw the light of day and enough time had passed for me to bind off without feeling physically sick.

I don’t even like pink.

Now there was just the problem of the second pair.

In December 2014 we were off for a family holiday, and all of my projects were too big or too complicated to work on while away. In this way, out of desperation to knit something rather than desire to knit that specific thing, Boyfriend’s socks finally began. Progress was better than my first pair but I soon became bored with the endless tiny stockinette and, with one sock bound off and the other only needing the heel to be finished, once more gave up and threw them in the WIP basket.

I cannot be bothered to finish yoooooou

Sidenote: Look how clear that photo of his WIP socks is compared to the blurry earlier photo taken of mine. Progress!

Anyway. The mostly-finished socks sat there while my wrist was sprained and healed, and then carried around 12 states on our big USA road trip without any more progress being made. Enough was enough.

Last week, I’m happy to announce, I sat down and forced myself to finish. We officially have matching knitted socks that we will probably never wear. Woo. Go us.

Four tiny socks. 2 and a bit years.

Is this the most unenthusiastic FO post you’ve ever read? Please tell me someone out there has hated making something as much as I hated making these . . .

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2 Responses

  1. gracey says:

    The only reason is started to knit was for socks….and I’d never knit the Hubs a pair..his feet are huge…but I enjoy mine….but I’m rarely barefoot…

  2. Alicia says:

    Oh dear, it takes a lot of fortitude to commit to two pairs of plain socks right off the batt! Plain socks are NOT my favorite, I need patterning to motivate me. They look great, though!

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