Holiday prep and some neverending socks

Where did April go? Argh!

So my plans for new patterns and blog posts were disrupted by a sprained wrist, leaving me with no crafting ability for weeks, and now we’re heading off on holiday this Saturday. I’m not complaining, life is awesome right now, but it hasn’t had much time in it for knitting lately. Or crochet, or cross stitch, or typing for more than 2 minutes at a time without it hurting, etc etc etc. Sadface.

As a result the pair of socks I’ve been working on for Boyfriend have taken weeks and weeks more than they should have. I’ve been working a couple of rounds at a time just to keep progress going and am finally on to the heel of the second sock, hopefully that can be finished off by Friday so we can pack our matching knitted socks. Yes, matching knitted socks.

Boyfriend socks - second heel to go!

I cannot be bothered to finish yoooooou

But never mind, plans will wait and assuming we ever make it back from this trip I’ll get back on the blogging horse in June. We’re going away for a month, and it just seems like everything on the other side of that is so far away it’s difficult to plan or care about at all. HOLIDAY! 😀

USA road trip planned route

The route makes sense to us, ok?

We’re setting off on a road trip, from Chicago to Seattle via a weird and winding route of our own devising. Since I don’t actually drive, a road trip was perhaps a strange choice of holiday, but we’re armed with lots of motivational driving music to keep Boyfriend awake, some travel sickness pills and a big bag of yarn to keep me occupied. If I was ever going to get time to just sit and knit, the 6 hour stretches in the passenger seat of our hire car are it.

Have I packed too much yarn?

Is this too much yarn?

I’ve been advised to also pack clothes and things, but we’ll see if there’s any room in there with the yarn pile and the notions and so on. It’s so exciting! Now we’ve officially started packing I’m pretty much just ready to get going. HOLIDAY! 😀

It’s unlikely I’ll get much in the way of proper blogging done on here during the trip, but there will no doubt be pics of car-knitting and sightseeing over on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve also optimistically created a travel blog for our trip, so if you miss me you can catch up with that here.

See you in June! HOLIDAY! 😀

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