Indie Pattern Picks – February 2015

Last month I found myself with no Ravelry time. Browsing the recently added patterns, which used to be pretty much a daily activity, fell by the wayside. So then I found myself in March, with a whole month missing from my Ravelry knowledge! This was not acceptable.

As I searched through the various categories and found February gems to favourite, it occurred to me that these personal monthly roundups of mine might just make a pretty great blog series.  Or if not a great blog series, then at least something to keep me occupied. Therefore, this “Indie Pattern Picks” post will be coming to you monthly from now on.

The Rules:

  • Indie designer patterns only (clue’s in the name), the big companies and publications get plenty of publicity without my help.
  • Paid and free patterns are separate beasts, I’m concentrating on paid.
  • I’ll also choose a favourite in each category that wasn’t in the top five.
  • Knitting and crochet are NOT given separate lists, because they’re both equally awesome.
  • “Best” is subjective.
  • I’m judging based on looks and interestingness and general visual appeal. I can’t speak about the patterns in terms of quality, verboseness, support, and so on.
  • No you can’t pay to be included :p

So! Without further ado, here are my picks for February for anyone else who somehow missed Ravelry for a whole month. You can find the shortlist on Pinterest.

February 2015 Top 5 Indie Patterns

Clarrow by Sarah Jane

Clarrow - by Sarah Jane

© sarahjanedesigns

Cutie Pugs by JennyPenny

 © JennyPenny

© Strikkeheggland

Good Grades by Mer Stevens

 © Mer Stevens

© Mer Stevens

Shine by Janina Kallio

 © Janina Kallio

© Janina Kallio

Eugene by Rachel Coopey

Eugene - by Rachel Coopey

© Coop Knits

And now for the category-specific honourable mentions . . .

Best Hat Pattern

Tweet! by Sarah Richards

Something a bit different, with birds on it.

Best Shawl / Wrap Pattern

Canopy by mandarine’s

There were a few good shawls this month and I kinda wanted to choose all of them, but settled finally on the one that made me think “I wish to knit this!” the most.

Best Scarf / Cowl Pattern

Dashing Fella by Cassie Munksgard

Me: “Ooh this scarf is really nice, do you need another scarf yet?”

Boyfriend: “No. No, I”m scarf rich.”

Me: “Sadface.”

Best Sweater Pattern (including cardigans)

The Grassy Armadillo by Emily Connell

This pattern also wins the “Best Pattern Name” award.

Best Gloves Pattern

Phyllospadix by Amora Designs

They look impressive AND squishy, best of both worlds.

Best Kids Pattern

Britannia by Gabrielle Danskknit

Also suitable for adults, of course! It kind of makes the wearer look like a robot, and robots are cool.

Best Home Pattern

Penny the Piggybank Pig by Irene Strangewatch Sherlock: The Final Problem 2017 movie now

A crochet piggybank! I mean, what more could you want in life?

Best Feet / Legs Pattern (ok so it’s mostly socks)

White Walkers by KnittyMelissa

Sigh-inducing GoT name aside, these socks are pretty cool. And kudos to the model for taking pics in the snow.

Best Other Pattern

Erik the Viking by Amanda Berry

I just love his little nose! That”s about the extent of the careful consideration that went into choosing this one.

What do you think?

Any of these patterns grab your eye? Do you think something else should be on the list? Check back in a month so we can argue some more about the indie knitting world’s March offerings, and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to get a peek at March’s shortlist throughout the month.

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