WIP Wednesday: Knitting Design-a-thon

Happy Wednesday, everyone! That might seem a bit chipper for a midweek greeting, but I’m considering taking Friday “off” official work work to catch up on more fun work like knitting and WordPress plugin support so today already feels like Thursday to me. Thursday is basically Friday, Friday is the weekend, etc etc etc. Therefore chipper.

As per usual on WIP Wednesday I have many, many things on the go at once. For a change, though, I am trying to be organised about it because the majority of these are my own designs that need to be published in time for the Indie Design Gift-a-Long (GAL) on Ravelry. If you’ve never heard of it, basically the idea is that lots of indie designers get together and offer  a discount on certain of their patterns (I believe it’s 25%). Knitters and crocheters use the opportunity of this big sale to stock up on awesome patterns, and then there are knit and crochet a-longs with lots of prizes and general funtimes for all. It sounds like a great opportunity for a basically unknown designer, as well as possibly a chance to get ahead on my own Christmas knitting, and I’m determined to take part.

Unfortunately that means working super hard between now and then to get as many patterns out as possible that I can enter into the sale. Erk.

Here are the projects currently on my needles.

1. Fingerless gloves to match my most recently released cowl pattern, Inversion Cowl. These are currently blocking and making my office smell of wet wool.

Inversion Gloves - blocking stage

Blocking gloves looks weird

2. A wide headband / earwarmer, also to match the cowl and gloves. I get terrible earaches when it’s cold and windy, but don’t often like to wear hats, so a big squooshy earwarmer thing will be great and having another pattern to release is just a bonus.

Inversion Headband - swatching

Look at how much yarn is left even though I already made a cowl and gloves!

3. This orangey bobble hat. It’s a beret style hat with alternating sections of a stockinette and a bobble stitch I found. My maths was wrong on the first attempt and the sample ended up way too small, so this is being knitted again. Sigh. This photo was taken in the first trial-and-error swatching phase, so it looks a bit of a mess, but I’m confident in its eventual cuteness.

Bobble Hat Thing

Bobble Hat . . . Thing

4. An admittedly time-consuming fingering weight cowl I’m calling “Jaggy Snake”. It’s been slow going on this while I get quicker projects out of the way and published, but the pattern is finished so hopefully I can start dedicating more time to finishing the sample and get it out sometime in October. Here’s a sneaky peeky.

Jaggy Snake Cowl - sneak peek

Yep, that’s intarsia.

5. I’d also like to crochet something since my Ravelry store is getting a bit knitting-heavy. Most likely another scarf or cowl (look, it turns out I really like designing cowls, ok?). Some minor swatching has so far been unproductive but a new idea popped into my head yesterday and I’ll have to try swatching that at the weekend. I am set on the colours though, look at the pretty combo!

Crochet cowl colours

What will you turn into, I wonder?

Once all those are done I have another cowl/gloves set in mind that is already swatched for and just needs actually doing. That should see me nicely up to the start of the GAL, and then I can relax (read: panic about my Christmas knitting instead).

On top of all that, I finally managed to get my hands on an extra ball of the yarn used for my Mary Jane top. Hopefully time to finish that off will present itself soon, because I really did love how this project worked out (you know, apart from running out of yarn). I will finish you and I WILL WEAR YOU!

Mary Jane WIP


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2 Responses

  1. I like the look of those mitts. Really interesting texture! Good luck with your design-a-thon 🙂

  2. What lovely designs, you are working overtime. The design-a-long sounds like a great motivator and a ton of found. I look forward to seeing the finished products.

    She Knits in Pearls

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