WIP Wednesday: Getting my geek on

Hey here’s a fun story: I posted this today, Thursday, in the genuine belief that it was actually Wednesday today.

This week has been a bit unusual. First our small town where nothing really happens hosted an actual festival at the weekend and we went to both days. Admittedly it was all tribute bands, but it was brilliant and a lot of people turned up. Someone even threw their bra at fake Elvis! My personal highlight was ABBA, it’s just a shame they were on too early to draw much of a crowd.

Excuse the hat in August, it was rainy.

Excuse the hat in August, it was rainy.

On top of that, we’re joined in the house by two terriers until Sunday. They’re smell like dog and the house is covered in puppy paraphernalia, but they’re cute enough to make up for it.

Unfortunately they also have a tendency to leave white hair on everything, so knitting is on hold a bit at the moment. That’s ok though, it gives me chance to get on with something I’ve been promising to get around to for about a year now and finish off my Ravelry designs plugin for WordPress. Currently collecting volunteers for beta testing, and of course that will all go super smoothly and no bugs will need fixing and it’ll be released really quickly, right? Right.

Basically all it does is let Ravelry designers pull in their knitting/crochet patterns and display them in a widget area on their WordPress site. There are two layouts so far, here’s a peek at the snazzier one. If anyone reading this would like to volunteer as a tester, you can comment here (with your Ravelry username) or leave a message in the plugin thread.


You get the idea.

I have managed to get a little bit of knitting done this week. Recently I “accidentally” took over moderation of the New Knitters group on Ravelry, one that had helped me a lot as a newbie, since the previous mod wasn’t finding time to deal with it any more. In an effort to get things moving again we’ve sorted out some ongoing KALs, one of which is for cables, so I’ve made a small start on some Stockinette Cable Boot Cuffs.

Ok, so it's not very cable-y yet. But it will be!

Ok, so it’s not very cable-y yet. But it will be!

Last but certainly not least, the sample for my newest design is complete and blocked. Now just to take nice photos, figure out a name, get the pattern written up properly, make charts for the lace border, get it tech edited, run a test knit . . . oh hell. This one might be a while.

Shawl of Stripiness

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