Pattern release: Celluloid Beret

You might recall that in April, just as we were supposed to be getting ready for my dream holiday, I got it into my head to submit a pattern idea to a magazine for the first time. Luck was with me, it was accepted immediately, and I’ve been excitedly attempting not to tell everyone all about it ever since.

Yesterday, finally, the magazine was officially published. It’s called Crochet Gifts and is available in certain stores around the UK as well as online from the Moremags website. No more secrets, yay! So here’s my Celluloid Beret, an intermediate crochet hat pattern in aran/worsted weight yarn that only takes a few hours to complete even for a slowbie crocheter like me. I can’t believe how great it looks in the photos! Proud face!

Celluloid Beret

© Practical Publishing


Celluloid Beret

© Practical Publishing


Here’s the Ravelry link, for those of you that way inclined (ie, all of you).

The submission process was daunting and I had nightmares about my pattern being so full of mistakes that they added me to an industry blacklist of some sort. As far as I can tell, that didn’t happen, but we’ll see if I ever dare to answer any future submission calls! Crippling anxiety + publicly creating things = STRESS.

Of course now it’s out and all very exciting, the sheer terror of the process is fading and I’m toying with the idea of four, yes FOUR new submissions. Sigh. Will I ever learn.

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4 Responses

  1. Winnie says:

    That is awesome!! It looks like a darling pattern to try! Congrats!!

    • Michelle says:

      This whole me-learning-crochet thing is your fault anyway, you and those lovely afghans you blog about, so an especially big thank you! 😀

  2. This is really cute! Love the color and the photos really showcase your pattern very well.

  3. donnarossa says:

    How great is that!! Well done.

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