WIP Wednesday: Does this colour make me look fat?

Eeeeh, well. It’s been a bit quiet around here, hasn’t it? It’s been a weird few weeks real life-wise, and not in a good way, but things are hopefully calming down now. One thing I’ll say for funerals is that travelling to and from them gives you a lot of time for knitting, and one thing I’ll say for severe wisdom tooth pain is that it makes it hard to concentrate on anything but knitting, so behold the current WIP which is almost complete already even though I didn’t get chance to blog about it yet.

A bit lopsided, but you get the gist.

This is the lovely , which has been in my Ravelry queue and wishlist for so long that the original pattern photos that made me want to knit it in the first place appear to have ceased to exist.

I’m onto my last ball of yarn, so working on the sleeves and neckline before continuing with the body. It looks great, seems to fit great so far, but the problem is the colour. I’m just not sure it’s very “me”. We’ll see, nothing wrong with being a bit adventurous and wearing something other than black or green. Originally the cotton yarn was bought for something completely 怎么翻墙 different, but in my infinite wisdom I didn’t read the description properly before buying and ended up with 900ish yards of this shiny mercerised stuff instead of the dull matte mustard I was looking for. Hopefully it’s going to work out ok with this top, in the next update I’ll either be wearing it proudly or setting fire to it. The real colour is just a little bit lighter than the pic below.

No judging my uneven stitches until it’s blocked!

The pattern is written with no waist/hip shaping at all, it’s just straight down from the armholes onwards. That’s ok for most, but I may end up having to put some hip increases in. Trial and error has played a big part in this project already anyway, as many other knitters reported the neckline being far too low in the bigger sizes so I actually joined the neckline and separated the shoulders almost two whole inches before the pattern told me to! It definitely would’ve been too low (like, down past the boobies low), I’m so glad I obsessively read project notes on Ravelry before starting something new.

I’ve also changed stitch counts in the sleeves to accommodate my skinny arms, so really the pattern (the most expensive pattern I have bought for myself so far) has ended up being used as more of a template than anything else. Oh well, doing maths keeps your brain working right? And I need it, now I’m officially middle aged.

Ideally this would be finished for the weekend as we’re off to Bristol to visit friends and I somehow have absolutely nothing to wear, but that’s probably a bit ambitious. A bit ambitious, therefore I take it as a personal challenge. This will be complete for the weekend! Rawr!

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  1. Alison says:

    I like it. It looks like a very comfortable and wearable sweater. I understand yellow can be a tricky color but since its cotton I bet you could dye it.

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