Various things happening all at once

Bet you thought I was dead, right? That my knitting ganged up on me and finally succeeded in pushing me down the stairs? Well, bad news, I’m still here.

Blog week sort of petered out halfway through for me, but on the bright side it did motivate me to organise my yarn and decide on projects for everything to avoid further mutiny. Thanks for the suggestion, Angela. This is still very much a work in progress but at least a third of my stash is now accounted for future-projects-wise, which is a good start for now. The main stumbling block is going to be the sweater quantity of cheap DK wool/acrylic in bright blue that was bought to knit Boyfriend’s Christmas cardigan last year. He changed his mind about the colour, and it’s just been sitting on my shelf since. What can I make with a TON of bright blue? Hmm.

It’s my 30th birthday on Saturday and I’d really love to have my first self-published pattern up by then, just to say I managed it in my twenties. The pattern is ready to go but I need to finish knitting the sample (ok it’s the second sample, but I still want to get it done) tonight and get it blocked ready for photos tomorrow if I’m to have any hope of making this deadline! It’s a reversible garter-and-lace summer scarf that popped into my head as a way to jazz up your basic jeans-and-plain-tee summer wear. Here, have a sneaky peek.

You get the idea. Triangles.

You get the idea. Triangles. Needs moar blocking.

Obviously that’s my main project at the moment, but there are other things on the go. My first ever completed knitting project in March last year was a ribbed lace bolero, knitted as a gift for Mother’s Day. At the time I massively overestimated the amount of yarn to buy, and ended up with almost enough to make another one! Well, finally I’ve gotten round to buying an extra ball of the cotton I used and this one will be for me.

This will go with absolutely none of my clothes.

This will go with absolutely none of my clothes.

This weekend was a 3-day affair in the UK, so we took the opportunity to redecorate the craft room. From dreary blue (not good in a north facing room!) to bright sunny yellow, it’s amazing in here now! Next Monday we’re expecting delivery of our new bookshelves and cupboards and suffice to say my craft storage system is going to get a lot more spectacular. I can’t wait! Look forward to pictures of the completed room, or don’t, but either way you’re getting them once it’s done. For now here’s a quick not-really-before and almost-after.

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In my last piece of news, lookit what I got.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I want to rub it on my face. And I have.

I want to rub it on my face. And I have.

It’s soft and squishy and sort of falling apart but it was the last the shop had in that colour and it’s not actually tangled so what the hell.

I’ve now got yarn sorted out for the first few things on my Ravelry wishlist, just in case some of those patterns make it into my inbox on Saturday. HINT.


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4 Responses

  1. Lucy Bowen says:

    Well, you have been busy!! Love the look of your scarf, hope you finish it for the weekend. The new yarn looks lovely and I’m looking forward to seeing your craft room finished.
    Have a good day on Saturday.

  2. Beth says:

    Great stuff, as usual!

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