5KCBWDAY4: The plot thickens

Today’s Knitting & Crochet Blog Week prompt is something about craft tools, and probably intended to be totally sensible. Instead, I’m using it as an excuse to recruit a helper in the ongoing saga of Me vs Knitting.

“The significant owl hoots in the night.”watch Smurfs: The Lost Village film online now

I look up to see my roll of crochet hooks sidling into the room, one of them muttering the code phrase and looking around shiftily.

With a quick look around to check for suspicious balls of yarn or misbehaving finished projects, I give the agreed reply. “Yet many grey lords go sadly to the masterless men.”

“Next time you should think of your own code, and not just steal everything from Discworld books.”

Don’t rise to it, Michelle, you need the crochet hooks on your side even if they don’t appreciate the homage. Remember that you have nowhere else to turn, that everything knitting related seems against you, probably because you admitted to actually preferring crochet that one time on the blog.

You're the only ones I can trust

You’re the only ones I can trust

“We’ll see. So. Do you have any information for me?”

“Unfortunately yes. My sources tell me your yarn stash is almost ready for open rebellion and most of your projects are split into two camps. Some of them are looking for new homes, joining internet dating sites and hoping to find more grateful owners. Others have joined forces with the stash. Gemini is staying away from it all, I think maybe you can trust him.”

“Joined forces to do what?”, I ask, with a rising feeling of foreboding.

“That part is still unclear.” The spokeshook looks a little abashed. “There was discussion of violence although your yellow shawl seems to have talked them out of it for now. If I were you I’d be mostly worried about the possibility of fuggler involvement .”

I come in peace!

I come in peace!

An hour later, I find myself in the craft room staring up at the seemingly innocent display of yarn. For the last year I’ve lovingly bought, stashed, knitted, frogged, restashed, and of course squished, and yet somehow it was not enough. Somehow the yarn has turned against me. Perhaps an offering of some sort is in order to restore trust. What can I offer to my yarn?

Any ideas?

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4 Responses

  1. Silvernfire says:

    I do hope you survive the week. What does yarn want, anyway?

  2. Pirate says:

    Yarn loves to be knit and crocheted, of course! 🙂

  3. Angela says:

    Here’s what I suggest. Take each skein or group of skeins, assign a pattern to it, print out the pattern, and put them together in a little bag. This serves to (a) give the yarn a sense of purpose, because you’ve obviously made plans for its future; and (b) separate those rebellious skeins from each other, thereby scuttling any plans for future insurrection.

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