WIP Wednesday: A little something for myself

Yesterday we got back from my dream holiday to Iceland, and it completely lived up to the hype. I would be sharing photos of the awesomeness, but am sadly typing this with one hand while using the other to press a cold wet tea towel against my head in an effort to prevent it from exploding. Airplane headache is a thing, apparently vytorin 10 40. Maybe some photos will happen on Friday, if you’re good, but today’s post will need to be short.

Anyway, since Boyfriend’s DNA Scarf was his holiday treat, I’m officially free to be getting on with something else now, and I’ve chosen the Gemini Top.

Last year some of my birthday money was spent on a load of on-sale Patons Linen Touch yarn, specifically with this project in mind. Somehow it never really got started, and it’s about time. My birthday rolls around again at the end of May (the big 3-0, eek!) which in fact makes me a Gemini, so that seems like as good an excuse as any to get this finished off for myself. So far I’m just finishing up the yoke, which has been absolute hell on my hands. The yarn feels lovely once it’s worked up, but feels quite rough to knit with especially on the tighter, double k2tog sections. I’m glad to be moving on to stockinette, put it that way.

This poor quality photo is brought to you by me being incapacitated on the couch.

This poor quality photo is brought to you by me being incapacitated on the couch.

The neckline does have a tendency to roll, but I’ve seen in other Ravelry project notes that a bit of single crochet around the edge will both prevent the rolling and give a nice sharp finish. I’m using the pattern as a guide but will basically make up where to do how many increases and decreases for the body; my weirdo short-waisted massive-hipped figure is inexplicably missing from the size options on most knitting patterns! So far it’s looking great, anyway, I really love the colour. Assuming I can get the fit right, this is a pattern I could see myself doing over again in another colour. We’ll see.

Right, that will have to be it for today, I must go and re-wet this tea towel while cursing the inventors of air travel and all their kind.

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    1st jealous of the Iceland visit! 2nd I’ll trade you some of the long torso I have to help even out your issues. But you have to take the corresponding length of arms! Good thing I can knit things to fit because I hate bodies/sleeves that are not long enough. And that’s what I get with store bought sweaters.

    • Michelle says:

      I know! It’s like they’re all made for people with a torso half the size of a full-grown adult lately. Fashion is weird.

  2. Ness says:

    This will be great! I was a part of a summer KAL last year where nearly everyone was knitting this and I really like it (yet don’t have one of my own yet…). My fiance is also turning the big 3-0 at the end of May. He’s getting two knitted sweaters for his birthday. This will be a great gift for yourself!

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