Embarrassing knitting confession time

When I first started to learn knitting, I somehow became confused by a diagram and started doing all of my knit stitches through the back loop. For the first few weeks, as a result, I found purling to be much easier than knitting and assumed everyone who said the opposite must be mental.

My first adult sized knitted garment was knitted to the pattern, despite my gauge being 1st per inch out. I thought that wasn’t enough to make much of a difference to the finished size. It was.

I once steam blocked a partly acrylic scarf that I’d worked furiously to get finished on time, but did it wrong and ended up with unrecoverable scalloped edges and all that work went to waste.

Oh, and I haven’t updated my knitting blog since October. Sorry.

So here we are, it’s officially next year, and what have I been up to? November was mostly spent knitting Christmas jumpers, writing a novel, and being moral support for a brave Movember participant who kept wanting to shave. December was mostly spent knitting Christmas jumpers, panicking about Christmas jumpers, and eating my body weight in chocolate to cheer myself up when the Christmas 老虎证券 jumpers didn’t work out right. January was wondering why nobody was offering me money for websites, and worrying that the mere thought of knitting now gave me a sort of nervous twitch. February was a bit better, but totally hectic with work. Blogging on top of all that seemed like one task too far, but now it’s over and I’m back to sharing bad quality photos of bad quality knitting. Hooray!

The current WIP workload. Much less than usual!

The current WIP workload. Much less than usual!

This is my current pile of WIPs (partially-completed-and-eventually-thrown-in-a-corner Christmas jumpers not included). , , and a being knitted for the second time because the first one was too tight, oops. To avoid knitting burnout and borderline nervous breakdowns this year I shall be taking it easier and relaxing about this pile. Things will get finished when it’s fun to finish them, and not before, except that scarf which I really should finish for Boyfriend for our holiday to Iceland in April since he’s been waiting a whole year.

Because I’m so awesome at forward planning, all three of these projects use the same size needle, hence two of them being on scrap yarn at any one time. Sigh.

You may remember that I had the ambition of releasing a pattern last year, and that hasn’t happened yet (unless you count the fun but silly , which I don’t really). At first I was working on a man hat, but the first idea didn’t work out and I lost inspiration due to all the other mentalness going on at the time. Now I’m feeling relaxed and creative again, I’ve decided to start off with something even simpler than a hat. Yes, it’s just what the world needs, another knitted cowl pattern.

The pattern isn’t out yet due to lack of imagination re: names, but here’s a sneak peek. The yarn was bought for its lovely Autumny colour but it’s just going to have to do for next year now since my yarn budget this year has been approximately £-100.

Ooh, orangey.

Ooh, orangey.

Other than all of this, I’ve managed to set up a knit and natter group at our local craft shop with a friend, and we’re even running some workshops soon. Not bad for someone who only started knitting a year ago!

Now I must go tidy up this WIP pile and drink an enormous amount of tea, but I promise to come back and blog again soon.

My last confession of the day: I think I might prefer crochet. Don’t judge me.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Those are a lot of great confessions! Glad you’re back to blogging!

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