WIP Wednesday: No reindeers quite yet

As well as the idea of Christmas raptors went down last week, I decided to start off the so-called Xmas Jumper Xtravaganza with the easiest of the four. Since it’s knitted from an existing pattern, that was the Boyfriend’s reindeer cardigan.

Last weekend was out of the ordinary, and I had the house to myself for four whole days while he gallivanted off around Lisbon without me. That’s four whole days of staying up late, knitting, playing The Cave and watching far too much Supernatural because I hadn’t seen any since season 6 and that just ain’t right.

This was my Saturday night, although it was less yellow in real life.

Knitting, booze and Jensen Ackles. Nice.

Knitting, booze and Jensen Ackles. Nice.

As you can see, the weekend on my own really helped to get a good start on this project. A week after casting on I have suffered some pretty serious hand cramp on occasion, but on the bright side am already this far done. After reading some really helpful project notes from another Raveler I felt confident enough to steek this cardigan, I am however not confident enough to show anyone a photo of that part of things quite yet.

I've purposely photographed the back, in case I'm doing the steek wrong.

I’ve purposely photographed the back, in case I’m doing the steek wrong.

The yarn isn’t the greatest quality, but the wool content means it doesn’t feel too plasticky. It is a bit fuzzy aound the colourwork, although to be fair I did a lot of frogging around this part due to inexperience with charts, tiredness, Jensen Ackles distracting me, and general idiocy.

"It'll be fine"

“It’ll be fine”

Usually I like to wrap up these blog posts in some sort of relevant way, but my brain isn’t working too well right now so let’s just say that’s it, and I’ll be off to see what everyone else posted today!

If you don’t know where to find more WIP Wednesday posts by now there’s probably something wrong with you. Here’s a clue.

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6 Responses

  1. Winnie says:

    It is looking great! I too read a lot of the project notes on Ravelry to give myself a better idea about a pattern.

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks! I’ve blagged my way through quite a lot of projects so far by reading notes from other helpful people and pretending I figured it out on my own :p

  2. Spanners says:

    I’ve managed about 5 rows since going back to work. Employment is seriously impinging on my knitting time!

  3. Lysa says:

    Lovely bit of colorwork! But wait… Christmas raptors? That’s amazing.

  4. Alicia says:

    Those are my favorite kinds of Saturday nights, truly. Great start!

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