WIP Wednesday: I’m going to say a dirty word

Christmas. Xmas. Crimbo. Whatever other even more ridiculous word you can think of to call it. You might not want to even think about it yet, but it’s only 3 and a half months away! That’s not much knitting time at all!

When I first started learning to knit, the inevitable requests for handknit items came flooding in. Some were never going to happen, some may one day still happen, and then there were Christmas jumpers. A lot of people wanted them, including me, so I knew if this was going to be doable I’d need to start early.

Fast forward to early July, and I thought it was a good time to start planning. The recipients were whittled down to four, again including me, and how hard can it be to get answers out of 3 people about what exactly they want? Turns out, hard. It’s now September and two of them only penis enlargement just decided what they want in the last week or so. The other is still working on his design. I am alarmed. Luckily for them, these three people are my favourite three people in the whole world so instead of kicking them in the kneecaps I’ll instead try my very best to get this done on time.

So far, to save time and money I’m going with a red square necked vest top designed to be worn over a white blouse of some kind. The theme? Raptors at Christmas.

Xmas raptors

The velociraptor pattern is based on these , with some festive modifications.

Boyfriend has gone for the rather dull, given the anything-you-want-in-the-whole-world type of brief, . We’re going with solid colour instead of the vaguely flowery pattern, and instead of knitting flat I’m trying my hand at steeking it with the aid of many Youtube videos and some amazingly helpful project notes from other knitters. This may not end well.

The third jumper, and first to be an actual jumper, has been skillfully sketched out below. As you may be able to tell, the recipient is a bit . . . literary.

Ho ho ho Jo Nesbo

That one will take some thinking about.

The final jumper is, as mentioned, still being designed. Not to worry, I have plenty to do in the meantime! What have I gotten myself into . . . ?

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6 Responses

  1. Oooooh I couldn’t start jumpers at this time, and do four of them!! I think I will stick to making hats and scarves!!

    Although I do like your boyfriend’s choice, its a lovely looking pattern!

  2. Sam says:

    Wow thats a lot of knitting! I love a christmas jumper though! Can’t wait to see yours all finished!

  3. Stefanie says:

    I am already starting to panic about the C-word, too! I love the idea of Raptors at Christmas….am really looking to seeing THAT finished project! Best of luck in your quest!

  4. Hahaha I love the Christmas raptors! Amazing. Good luck with all those projects.

  5. gem says:

    I like how the word steeking is near the word steak

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