Ogre bookmark – free crochet pattern

I’ve recently discovered crochet and am completely overexcited about how quickly I can use it to make fun things. One of those fun things was a Shrek-inspired ogre hat (more details on that soon), which then prompted me to make a matching bookmark with some of the leftover yarn. I’m no expert, in fact I only just started to learn crochet, so this won’t be the most perfect pattern in the world. I’ll update this post over time as I slowly get a clue.

Important note: This pattern uses US crochet terminology despite me being in the UK, I learned to crochet on the internet and it was a terrible influence on me!Inception streaming


  • 10-20 yards worsted/aran weight yarn. I used Rico Creative Cotton in Pistachio
  • 3.5mm crochet hook – smaller than suggested for the yarn, to create a stiff fabric
  • Black and white embroidery thread and needle for eyes (or whatever else you plan to use)
  • Tapestry needle


CH = Chain
SC = Single crochet
DC = Double crochet
TR = Treble crochet
st = stitch


Gauge isn’t really important on this project. What is important is that the fabric created is stiff enough to stick up out of the top of a book without flopping over and looking like the ogre has sadly passed away. Use whatever yarn/hook combo gives a result that you like.


Base shape

Row 1: CH31, turn. (This will form the length of your bookmark, feel free to increase/decrease chain count on a whim)

Row 2: SC into second st from hook, then in every st remaining . CH1, turn.

Row 3-6: Repeat row 2  another 4 times.

You’ll now have a long narrow rectangle. A sort of bookmark shape, in fact! Do not cut the working yarn yet, we’ll use this to create the head.


To create the dome of the head, you’ll be working into the 5 holes along the narrow end of your rectangle. See photo below for clarification.

5 holes

CH1, SC into first hole, DC into second, TR2 into third, DC into fourth, SC into fifth, fasten off.

You should have something that looks a bit like this.

Ogre bookmark head


The ears are worked into a hole on either side of the head. Again, see photo below.

Ogre bookmark earholes

Ch4 into first hole, DC into second stitch from hook, fasten off. The ear shape may not be perfect at first, but can easily be adjusted to suit when weaving in the end of the working yarn.

Repeat for other ear.

Ogre bookmark ears


I chose to inexpertly embroider the eyes onto my bookmark, though this is the most time consuming approach (especially since I had no actual embroidery thread so used regular sewing thread and a needle, ouch. It does make very secure eyes though while remaining safely machine washable.

You could also use scrap yarn, insert safety eyes, sew felt eyes, etc etc etc. Whatever you prefer.

For my method, start with the white thread. Insert the needle at the top right of the eye and out of the top left. Insert the needle again at the top left and draw the thread through to form a straight line across the top of the eye. Work the rest of the eye the same way, increasing the length of each line towards the middle of the eye and then decreasing again towards the bottom, and you have a vaguely circular shape.

Repeat the process with black thread, forming a smaller circle in the centre of the white. Tada!


Weave in all loose ends. You might want to wash and block the finished piece to get it slightly less wonky than in this “just finished weaving in” photo!

Ogre bookmark


No more losing my page when I fall asleep in bed with a book on my face and Boyfriend has to quietly put it somewhere safe without waking me up. Hooray!

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