FO Friday: Tom scarf for Tom

Ok so I meant to post this last FO Friday, but completely forgot. Because I’m a professional blogger that way.

I have this friend called Tom, he’s one of my best friends and so when he asked me in April to knit him a Tom Baker scarf I of course agreed. In return for yarn money of course, I’m not made of pennies you know!

Little did I know how painful knitting that much garter stitch would be on my wrist, and as the weeks passed other projects became more and more tempting. The Tom scarf was put on the back burner because “it’s not very summery anyway” and other things took precedence. This was a regular sight around our house for quite some time:

Tom Baker scarf in progress

Does it look like Doctor Who yet?

Tom’s birthday was at the start of July, so that seemed like a good (and far away) deadline to complete the scarf. Unfortunately I was away from home for over two weeks just prior to this deadline, and forgot to take scarf materials with me. Cue much panic-knitting at the last moment.

Knitting the Tom Baker scarf


According to my trusty spreadsheet, 56% of this project was completed in just 6 days. Now that’s hardcore! The final day was spent praying that the damn thing would dry in time, making a mess with bits of yarn for tassels, and generally stressing out. Thankfully it was complete in time, and then due to all the stress and nonsense I totally failed to take a photo of it all wrapped up nicely with a gift tag. This will have to do.

Tom Baker scarf, complete

Ok so it was still a bit damp, but I don’t think he noticed.

It topped out at just very slightly under 12ft long, and will hopefully stretch more with wear. The birthday boy seemed happy anyway, and that’s what really matters.

*dodgy salesperson voice* BUT WAIT! THAT’S NOT ALL! */dodgy salesperson voice*

I’ve also discovered crochet, and managed to finish two tiny projects. One of these looks like what it should be, the other doesn’t, but I’m only learning so leave me alone :p

Note to self: stop taking photos at night.

In other news (but related since this scarf was the original inspiration) the tentatively titled “KnitCare” has seen a lot of movement this week. Development is coming along well, a lot of lovely people have offered to beta test, and enthusiasm seems generally high. I’ll be posting a more detailed update next week (including the official new name) so watch out for that post!

(more FOs, as always, at Tami’s Amis)

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3 Responses

  1. Winnie says:

    Hats off to you on finishing that scarf!! It looks great 🙂

  2. Regula says:

    Wow, such a long scarf! I’m sure he is happy about it! Have a nice weekend. Regula

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