WIP Wednesday: This week is for relaxing

Two blog posts in two days? You know it, my knitting enthusiasm is back with a vengeance.

After the tortuous effort of knitting those socks (still need to bind off, gah) plus finishing off the Tom Baker scarf (pics on Friday!) I have to admit June left me a bit flustered. While there are two major projects to finish up in July and now also the gift knitter project I posted about yesterday, I decided to have a break for a few days and knit something small and enjoyable to unwind. Enter Kindle Death.

Colourwork has so far terrified me and I was convinced it would be too complicated, but then again I thought socks would be simple so I obviously have no clue! I spied the Kindle Death pattern on a random Ravelry trawl and immediately fell in love, the only problem was deciding which colours to use.

Decisions, decisions!

Decisions, decisions!

I had Patons Fab DK stashed in three colours, so it made sense to use a combination of those. No points for guessing which colour I hadn’t used for anything yet, and that black yarn is going to have serious tanglement issues soon if I’m not more careful because it’s been used for tons of stuff. Anyway.

I could go with classic black on white/white on black, or jazz it up with pink on black/black on pink, or go a bit more feminine with a pink and white combo of some sort.

You wouldn’t believe the to-ing and fro-ing on this decision over the space of two days, but eventually a decision was reached. Thanks to those people who had to put up with me showing them approximately 100 photos of different colour combinations, you know who you are!Noor film

And the winner is . . .

I proclaim this colour combination...funky as hell!

I proclaim this colour combination…funky as hell!

Pink on black! I’m really happy with how this looks so far, it was definitely the right choice.

Knitting with two colours is actually a lot easier than I expected. I’ve not yet really figured out how to hold the yarn in my left hand and keep dropping it every couple of stitches, but other than that bit of slowness it’s been very easy so far.

The “death flake” pattern is knitted on both sides, so on the first round where the pink didn’t kick in for 7 stitches I did almost make the typical newbie error of too-tight floats. After completing the round, I realised the pink float stretched across the inside of the cosy and wasn’t loose enough to go around the edge. A bit of fiddling with a tapestry needle loosened it back up and it’s been plain sailing ever since!

I know, it’s shocking to hear about something that’s actually going well for me. I can hardly believe it either. Maybe you think I’ll fall at the last hurdle and my Kindle won’t fit in? Hah! way ahead of you.

So there.

So there.

(more WIP Wednesday, as ever, over at Tami’s Amis)

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3 Responses

  1. lucy Bowen says:

    I think that colour combination is lovely and will look after the Kindle nicely! Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  2. Beth says:

    Love pink and black together!

  3. Stefanie says:

    I really like the pink/black color combo – bravo to you for trying colorwork! Also glad to see that you’re back on the knitting horse. Every now and again, I get in a “knitting slump” where projects don’t seem to turn out how I want them and I just am too frustrated to pick up my needles (luckily I have spinning to turn to when that happens)!

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