Going overboard

So that’s it, my birthday is over and done with and I’m back on a diet (booo!) but have new toys to play with (yaaaay!). Time to get back to the serious world of planning my upcoming knitting projects.watch movie Souffler plus fort que la mer now

A new month means new class prompts for the HPKCHC, a lot of which fit in with projects I’d like to knit. As well as regular classes there’s also Dentention, in which we get to complete an existing WIP and still turn it in for points. On top of that, the New Knitters group is doing socks for this month’s KAL and I really want to join in with that. No doubt I can think of a way to fit the socks into a class prompt for the house cup, too.download full movie A Cure for Wellness

So my plans are shaping up like this:

Detention WIP

Tom Baker Scarf – this needs completing anyway since it’s a birthday present for someone. Pic is the last I posted of it, though it has thankfully grown by then. 12 foot scarf here we come!


Holiday preparations

Boyfriend is taking me to Munich at the end of next month, and I want to get all of my new stuff done well in advance to avoid last minute panicking.

I’ve just cast on for a Reef Knot Tank, and after a few gauge issues the size seems to be perfect. Something will go wrong with it soon, I’m sure. Haven’t decided where this will fit into the house cup, but some of the prompts are pretty wide open so I’m sure it’ll be fine.


I’m also making a Lelah Top for the holiday, as an Order of the Phoenix mission, though this doesn’t need to be completed in June to get the points (good, since the lace cripples my poorly wrist).


There’s a Gemini top planned for holidays too, but I’m pretty sure I can handle doing that one in July. Also I’ve bought two lots of yarn for it and changed my mind about the colour both times . . . oops.

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Other projects

The Vanilla Socks I’d like to make look vaguely simple enough, but I have no real concept of how long socks take to knit. Can I get a pair finished in a month along with everything else? Can I get both pairs done? Will I knit the ones for myself or for Boyfriend first? Watch this space to find out!

His and hers sock yarn. Bless.

His and hers sock yarn. Bless.

At some point I also need to turn the ruffle yarn acquired for my birthday into a scarf of some description. This won’t take long, and will fit into a class prompt, so I’ll try and get that done in June too.

The final project this month is a secret one More Info. Another birthday present that technically doesn’t need to be done until the end of August, it would fit in very well with one of this month’s HPKCHC prompts and I do already have the yarn so if time allows I’d love to get that ticked off too.

No photos for this last one, not even a clue to the yarn as I have a sneaking suspicion the recipient is reading this. Yeah you know who you are, I’m onto you!

So that’s . . . *counting on my fingers* . . . 5 projects that I should really try to complete this month and other optional things to be getting on with should I succeed. Luckily I’ve got two weeks of dogsitting in an otherwise empty house to look forward to, so no distractions. Let the furious knitting commence!

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4 Responses

  1. donnarossa says:

    You know about the shop in Pfaffenhausen, next to Munich, called Wollmeise? Color paradise. You have to go there! Check the opening hours on the group site on Ravelry as they’ve open the shop on a few days per month (mainly fridays and saturdays). I don’t want to tempt you 😉 but it’s just in case, you really need some new yarn…

    • Michelle says:

      Argh! I knew it was there but didn’t realise it had such limited opening days. Alas, we’ll miss it.

      Maybe I can wander up and peek through a window or something :-\

  2. Wow, going to have to watch out for the ‘Claws this month! I only have one class planned so far, and some advanced studies. Good luck getting everything finished!

    • Michelle says:

      Yes, what I have planned and what I can get done may turn out to be two very different things! July is busy so I’ll not be able to commit to much knitting, gotta make the most of June!

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