WIP Wednesday: Practical zombie defense

As you might have read in an earlier post, I recently signed up for the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry. It’s quite a mouthful, so let’s stick with HPKCHC from now on. The general idea is that each student completes homework for at least one class per month for the whole of the term (lasting 3 months) and then for those who want to do more there are more challenging advanced studies as well as regular other challenges.

The May Interhouse Unity challenge in my house, Ravenclaw, was to team up with someone from Slytherin to each create a related fascinator that fit one of this month’s class prompts. Fun note: I’m such a non-girly girl I actually didn’t know what a fascinator was until it came up in a random conversation one night in March this year. Good timing!

I read a few of the initial posts, people were teaming up and discussing ideas and it sounded really fun. Unfortunately, I had about 3 billion WIPs already on the go and some advanced studies planned so made an executive decision not to join in with this.  That decision lasted all of about 1 day.

SLYTHERIN seeking RAVENCLAW partner for fascinating fun! I was thinking that I’d like to wear a zombie on my head.

How could I possibly ignore that in among all the flower arrangement and Tardis ideas being chucked about by everyone else? An enthusiastic reply later and Epiphonora was officially my teammate for the challenge that I was determined not to take part in. Oh well.

Her idea was to create something directly zombie-inspired, preferably Walking Dead. As a nice counterpart to that, I hit on the idea of making mine into something that could be used for actual zombie defense while still looking vaguely stylish enough to wear in public. If there’s one thing Harry Potter teaches us, it is that we must maintain constant vigilance and that bad things can even happen at fascinator-worthy events like weddings.

So. I realised shortly after suggesting this approach that I had absolutely no idea what to actually make, and some emergency brainstorming must be done. Eventually I settled on the following components:

A minature crossbow – To fit in with the Walking Dead theme of my teammate. We’re both including crossbow bolts made of toothpicks, for extra teamwork points. If Daryl has taught us anything it’s that a quiet crossbow is the coolest zombie defense weapon.

Er, it'll be a crossbow eventually.

Er, it’ll be a crossbow eventually. This will have to do for now.

A decoy detonator – I got to thinking, in any zombie apocalypse there always seems to come a point where the hero is trapped in a small space with zombies encroaching from all sides. A decoy detonator would be perfect in this situation, as it could run the opposite way and make enough noise for the undead to change route. My modified decoy detonator is disguised as a flower for camouflage in an otherwise respectable outfit.

He's sleeping

He’s sleeping

A net – Zombies just seem like they’d be too dumb to escape from a net, and I think this will set off the fascinator rather well (especially if I find time to buy some beads for it).

So how does all this fit together? Well honestly I’m not all that sure yet. It’s being made up as I go along. Might have to go shopping for the world’s biggest comb slide thing at the weekend . . .

For those of you on Ravelry (who am I kidding, you’re all on Ravelry), you can keep up with our respective projects here: My “Zombie defense fascinator” / Epiphonora’s “Where’s Carl? He’s not in the house…

More WIP Wednesday posts at Tami’s Amis, if mine hasn’t put you off completely.

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