WIP Wednesday: Attack of the many scarves!

Ok, well, two scarves. That’s sort of the same as “many”. Until now I’ve avoided knitting a scarf, though I did come perilously close, but a friend recently got completely overexcited at the realisation that I could make him a Tom Baker scarf and I took the opportunity to cast on for the secret scarf I’ve had queued for boyfriend at the same time. Two projects to play with, one very simple and mindless and the other my first project with cables. Which will be the most fun? Which will be completed first? Place your bets.

This is the more complicated scarf. It hasn’t got very far, as you can see, but the pattern looked quite terrifying so I feel much better about it now it’s started. Not really sure how well this yarn will show the cable pattern but that judgement will wait until a bit more of it is done.


The Tom Baker scarf is a lot further on, but given that it’s supposed to end up over 11 feet long there’s still a long way to go. To get the vaguely correct colours on a budget I’m using two completely different brands of yarn, but it seems to have worked out ok. Recipient is excited and pleased, that’s what matters.


In other news my winnings from last week turned up today, and I’ve gotten a little . . . let’s say “enthusiastic” about making something new so it’s possible there’ll be three projects on the go very soon rather than two!

(WIP Wednesday “thing” started by Tami’s Amis)

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7 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    Great colors! Eleven feet, man, that’s a loooong scarf, you go!

  2. Gracey says:

    Nicely done on the scarves…you’re a great friend to make a Dr. Wo scarf….

  3. Faith says:

    Tom Baker scarf!I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I spend a fair amount of time convincing myself that I should not knit my own.

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