WIP Wednesday – Turns out I can’t even do stockinette right

Yes, I’m blogging about knitting and I can’t even get the basics right myself. This wedding bolero was supposed to be quick and easy since the deadline is fast approaching, so I made an executive decision and went with stockinette. Just past the halfway mark, and I’ve already had to rip rows out, tink back, fix twisted stitches and I’ve somehow managed to do an increase without meaning to (thankfully under what will be the armhole, so that’s ok, but argh).

The rest of this week will be dedicated to feverishly finishing this project, or at least attempting to, though it may have to finish blocking in our hotel room on Saturday night. Oh well, I can’t be the first knitter to block stuff in a weird place. If I get time I’m thinking of picking up the stitches around the armholes and doing something more interesting with them, quite fancy a go at this “picot” edging so maybe that.  Hooray for making it up as you go along!

Just in case you’re thinking “that looks fine to me” I thoughtfully provided a closeup shot. See the little loops where I managed to split the yarn like a fool? Yeah.


What blocking can’t cure, a needle and thread surely will. That might be my new motto.

(WIP Wednesday “thing” started by Tami’s Amis)

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