One day I’ll knit a scarf, but it is not this day

In between boleros I thought it might be nice to work on something quick and simple and generally non-stressful, and since I don’t want to end up being the only knitter ever who hasn’t knitted a scarf I got straight into trawling neckwear patterns on Ravelry. I’m notoriously bad with scarves, they always end up blowing away or getting trailed in something or tangling in a zip, so the selection was quickly narrowed down to cowls only. Eventually I started on a yellow version of the Emerald Isle Cowl, because it’s pretty and not many people seem to have made it and they definitely should. So I guess technically I still didn’t knit a scarf online vytorin.

It made a nice change to be knitting something so forgiving, I basically guessed at a reasonable sounding number to cast on and just finished when I felt like finishing instead of being tied in to the pattern. I have a deep hatred of things being wrapped too high around my neck so my version is longer and thinner than the original which suits me just fine.

Emerald Isle Cowl - Yellow

It wasn’t a particularly suitable yarn, but it’s what I had lying around and the yellow makes me feel cheery, so whatever. All in all, very pleased, and there’s now officially less chance of my neckwear ending up in a puddle.

Now if only wearing sunshine colour will make actual sunshine happen and stop the boyfriend from complaining about the weather all the time, I’ll count this project as a huge success!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Your cowl is lovely! I love the bright yellow – especially since the outdoors is so drab right now.

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