Wedding bolero experiment

So a few weeks ago I bought a dress to wear to a wedding, and decided to knit some sort of shawl or shrug to go over it. Then I got distracted. Now there’s less than two weeks to go until said wedding, and it’s time to panic!

After seeing how the bolero turned out, I’m liking the idea of something similar in stockinette. Nothing flashy, no lace, just something to cover my shoulders and put a bit of colour into my outfit.

This is the dress and shoe combo I’m going with. I’m not usually a girly girl, but these shoes are amazing!

Anyway, the plan is to stick to the measurements/structure of the previous bolero since it’s easy to just knit a big rectangle, but just replace the lace pattern with stockinette. I’m hoping I can get away without ribbing on the arms, stockinette curls up on itself but I’m not sure if it’ll do so sideways. Actually, maybe some seed stitch instead of ribbing for the border, ooh decisions decisions.

No I shouldn’t be attempting to make up my own thing if I can’t even grasp the curling properties of stockinette. Yes I’m doing it anyway. Giddy experimentation, remember?

I’ve ordered a load of Rico Baby Cotton Soft (cotton/acrylic) in a nice purple to match (sort of) the shoes, and we’ll see how it goes. I thought Worsted/Aran would be too heavy for this so went with DK, essentially just a guess. Worst case scenario we’ll have to go emergency shopping the day before the wedding, but I’m quietly confident I can make something at least vaguely presentable.

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