Ribbed Lace Bolero – my first ever real FO!

After a week and a half of grinding toil, the bolero is finally complete! Mam is pleased, it actually fits her, and 3 more people have now put in orders for the same thing for their birthdays!

Unfortunately I fail at cameras, so the resulting photos are somewhat blurry, but you get the general idea. It’s a bit big on me in these pics, but it’s not for me so that’s ok.

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This pattern was exciting at first, since it’s the first time I’ve done lace. Excitement soon turned to tedium and hand cramp though, due in part to the choice of 100% cotton yarn (Rico Creative Cotton – Nougat). The end product feels lovely but the lack of stretch in the yarn makes a big difference and next time I’ll definitely be trying some sort of cotton/acrylic blend instead.

There was one major “oh dear god no!” moment when, around the halfway point, I attempted to knit on the bus and in my hurry to pack everything away before setting off I somehow dropped a stitch off the left needle without noticing. After settling down on the bus and overcoming the little voice in my head shouting “don’t do this, you’re on a rush hour bus and people will STARE!”, I took out the neatly wrapped knitting only to find that the dropped stitch had started to unravel all the way down. Suppressing my panic until safely back in the house, I sort of managed to recover the situation by hooking the dropped stitch back through everything with a needle (note to self: buy a hook). Unfortunately being in the lace part of the bolero this wasn’t as simple as it would have been in stockinette and the end result wasn’t perfect, but I ended up with the correct number of stitches and only a knitting expert would be able to spot the mistake so that will do nicely!

The only issue now is deciding what colour to make my own bolero in (and finding time to do so in between “orders”, of course!).

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