Baggy lace weirdness woes

This is how my mind works: “Oh, I have a wedding to go to in a month’s time, maybe I should knit a shawl to go over my dress. Hmm, look at all these pretty shrug patterns, maybe that would be more practical. Ooh look at this ribbed lace bolero, that wouldn’t go with my dress for the wedding but I’m sure I can think up an excuse to make it anyway! I bet mam would like that, I’ll say I’m making it for Mother’s Day and then nobody can yell at me. Genius.” *buys yarn and forgets all about the wedding shawl until far too late*

And thus my first lace project has begun. After some trouble with the ribbing I was very happy to make it onto the more interesting lace pattern, but soon discovered that something was horribly wrong and my stitches were baggy and weird:



Buoyed by the success of using smaller needles to fix my ribbing woes, I naturally tried the same thing here. No difference to baggy weirdness.

Then began the Week Of Hand Cramp And Regret, as I pulled each stitch tight and cursed the lack of stretch in my 100% cotton yarn for all eternity. It was slow and painful, but seems to have made a big difference:


Still not perfect, I know, but blocking will help and in the meantime I’m proud of it anyway. Just another 8 million rows to go and I can get back to ribbing. Never thought I’d look forward to ribbing . . .

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