First project – knitting in the round

Until now I’d only used regular straight needles and the very thought of circular needles made me inexplicably afraid. I am therefore pleased to report that knitting in the round is easy, and I’m even going to start using circular needles to knit flat as well to avoid spending inconceivable amounts of money on all the possible needles in the world.

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This is in theory the start of my first project, $5 in Paris. Unfortunately as you may know, my first attempt at yarn shopping did not go well and due to general impatience this sweater will be much bulkier than it should be. It remains to be seen whether I can adjust the pattern to fit.

Even this much ribbing took me days of work, there were many occasions where I got mixed up and purled instead of knitting and vice versa. It may or may not also have been dropped in the bath at some point. Whatever, I’ll get faster and better (and buy a bath tray to rest my knitting on in future).

Watch this space!

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