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Pretty crocheted washcloths 0

Some crochet for a change

Looking down the homepage of this blog, it’s all been knitting (and mostly been the same socks) for a while. Time to change it up! On our recent USA road trip, I took far...


All the pre-photographed things

There are a few things going on this WIP Wednesday that are exciting, but sadly they’re mostly just exciting to me. The socks you’ve all been subjected to looking at endless photos of are...


A very yellow Mary Jane

It’s a bit of a late entry to FO Friday for me this week, in more ways than one. Looking through my Ravelry projects page the other day, I became annoyed at how many...


When knitting needles attack

Knitters of the world, I need your advice. So there’s this thing, on my finger. It goes away when I stop knitting, it comes back when I start again. It gets a lot worse...


Souvenir yarn porn

” Let’s visit a yarn shop in every city we go to”, I said. “It’ll be fun!”, I said. “We’ll see.” replied the Boyfriend. And then rolled his eyes. Ok so we didn’t go...